Shining Peel

Shining Peel is a brand new laser peel technique no need for  topical anesthesia, minimal downtime and minimized risk for PIH. This gentle peeling technique stimulates collagen remodeling to the skin.

What can Shining Peel Treatment do ?

  • Improved blemish scars
  • improve skin texture.
  • rejuvenate dull and ageing skin

Pre – procedure preparation:

  • Skin pre conditioning be given  regime skincare  at least 2 weeks before
  • During treatment feel warm sensation
  • Treated skin should be free of any redness or infection
  • Will have slightly burning sensation  &  no down time

Post care instructions:

  • Avoidance of Sun Exposure
  • Application of Sun block SPF 50
  • Wash with gentle Cleanser
  • Apply more Moisturizer
  • Allow Skin to heal by itself by no scrubbing
  • Stop using Retin A & HYDROQUINONE CREAM for 3 – 4 Days